Rollers / roll rings

for straightening, reducing, calibrating and conveying. In chull-cast or  spherical graphite iron execution. With or without precast grooving , as required.


Stretch reducing rolls
Planetary cross rolls
Sizing rolls
Detaching and smoothing rolls
Elongator rolls
Pressure rolls
Work rolls
Plug rolls
Grooved rolls
Straightening rolls
Reeler rolls
Chilled cast execution:

Precast grooving. The peripheral structure is perlitic cementicious. The transition consists of a perlitic matrix with embedded cementite and lamellar graphite giving way to a perlite structure with embedded graphite veins.

In spherical graphite iron:

With or without precast grooving , as required. The advantage over chill casting is in the higher fracture and wear resistance These properties mean that the rolls /roll rings are very robust and well up to the roughest production conditions in manufacturing to the highest demands on quality. The rolls and roll rings are machined ready to install, stress-relieved with the profile finish turned or rough turned.

100 mm ..... 900 mm
100 mm ..... 550 mm
10 kg ... 900 kg
Profile or grooving to customer's requirements!
Different dimensions and weights on request.


Metallurgic rolls
Rollers and roll rings
Roller sleeves
Plungers for hydraulic presses
Foodstuff and luxury foodrolls
Mixing, calender and dosing rolls
Roller shells
Piercing dies
Chilled casting wear parts

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