Chrom-Steel-Alloys with 14-20% Chrom (DIN EN 12513)

Designation HV LD HRC HB Application
GHSC 740-CR 14
620-690 776-804 56-59 600-650 hochverschleißfeste Walzenmäntel, Walzwerkwalzen zum Walzen von Aluminium
GHSC 620-CR 14 580-620 755-776 54-56 560-600
GHSC 740-CR 18 620-690 776-804 56-59 600-650


Metallurgic rolls
Rollers and roll rings
Roller sleeves
Plungers for hydraulic presses
Foodstuff and luxury foodrolls
Mixing, calender and dosing rolls
Roller shells
Piercing dies
Chilled casting wear parts

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