CrNiMo - alloyed perlitic carbide spheroidal graphite iron

Designation HV LD Shore C Application
GHG-CrNiMo 340 320-360 584-617 45-49 Rolls for blooming blocks for fine steel section, wire and narrow strip trains
GHG-CrNiMo 370 350-390 609-639 48-53
GHG-CrNiMo 390 370-410 624-654 51-55 Rolls for dual and triple blocks in blooming trains with low groove depth, weak hot-crack tendency in profile and wire trains
GHG-CrNiMo 410 390-430 639-668 53-57
GHG-CrNiMo 425 400-450 646-681 54-59
GHG-CrNiMo 440 420-460 661-688 56-61 Rolls for "Danielli" blooming blocks, rolls for profile and wire trains with medium groove depth, low hot-crack tendency and indefinite hardness spreading, reeler rolls and detaching rolls for the tube industry
GHG-CrNiMo 470w


450-490 681-706 59-63
GHG-CrNiMo 480w 460-500 688-712 60-64 Rolls for finishing blocks in fine steel section, wire and narrow strip trains sizing rolls, stretch-reducing rolls, roller shells for coarse ceramics, crushing rolls for coarse ceramics
GHG-CrNiMo 500w 480-530 700-729 63-67
GHG-CrNiMo 520w
500-540 712-734 64-68
GHG-CrNiMo 550w 530-570 729-750 67-71 Roll discs for "Kocks" blocks
GHG-CrNiMo 580w 560-600 745-765 70-73  
GHG-CrNiMo 620w 600-640 765-783 73-76 Roller shells for coarse ceramics


Metallurgic rolls
Rollers and roll rings
Roller sleeves
Plungers for hydraulic presses
Foodstuff and luxury foodrolls
Mixing, calender and dosing rolls
Roller shells
Piercing dies
Chilled casting wear parts

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