CrNi - alloyed perlitic spheroidal graphite iron

Designation HV LD Shore C Application
GHG-CrNi 360 340-380 600-632 47-52 Rolls for blooming blocks in fine steel section trains, rolls for intermediate blocks in fine steel section and wire trains with good wear resistant properties and optimum strength, detaching rolls for tube works, rolls with optimum wear resistant properties for finishing blocks in profile, fine steel section and wire trains, running rollers for rotary furnaces
GHG-CrNi 380 360-400 617-646 49-54
GHG-CrNi 400 380-430 632-668 52-57
GHG-CrNi 430 400-460 646-688 54-61
GHG-CrNi 460w 430-490 668-706 57-63
GHG-CrNi 480w 460-500 688-712 60-64
GHG-CrNi 510w 480-530 700-729 63-67



Metallurgic rolls
Rollers and roll rings
Roller sleeves
Plungers for hydraulic presses
Foodstuff and luxury foodrolls
Mixing, calender and dosing rolls
Roller shells
Piercing dies
Chilled casting wear parts

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