Unalloyed chilled cast iron

Designation HV LD Shore C Application
GHK-475 445-505 678-712 59-65 Hydraulic plungers
Rolls for finishing blocks with low groove depth, hydraulic plungers and roller sleeves
GHK-500 480-520 700-724 63-67
GHK-350 (S) 325-375 588-628 45-51 Milling rolls, self´-surfacing
Milling rolls, without corrugation
Milling rolls, corrugated
GHK-470 (G) 440-500 674-712 59-64
GHK-510 (R) 460-580 688-755 61-72
GHK-520 500-540 712-735 64-68 Roller sleeves for chocolate rubbing machinery, hydraulic plungers, roller shells, dosing rolls for foil rolling mills, pigment rubbing rolls
GHK-530 500-580 712-755 64-72



Metallurgic rolls
Rollers and roll rings
Roller sleeves
Plungers for hydraulic presses
Foodstuff and luxury foodrolls
Mixing, calender and dosing rolls
Roller shells
Piercing dies
Chilled casting wear parts

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